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Zemits Eminence

Zemits Eminence
3-in-1 Skin Remodeling System

Intelligent skin care system for instant rejuvenation

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Zemits Eminence
The Zemits Eminence is a great skin care system. It is an effective and professional equipment with intelligent settings and customized treatment protocols. Eminence combines the following functions:
  • Microcurrent LED Therapy
  • Vacuum Extraction
  • Oxygen Infusion
Vacuum Extraction
Vacuum Extraction is a gentle and effective treatment method for deep skin cleansing. Vacuum extraction is performed with small glass tubes, that can extract blackheads and extra sebum from the pores. This process is painless and intensity can be controlled by operator.

Microcurrent Led Light Therapy
Microcurrent therapy stimulates a small electric pulsation, imitating natural electric currents in the body. The electric waves boost the production of collagen, elastin, and ATP, stimulates lymphatic drainage, tightens skin, and increases blood circulation. In combination with LED Light, it whitens and removes dark eye circles, activates enzymes, stimulates metabolism in tissues, and much more. Microcurrent creates a real lifting effect by increasing collagen production and improving facial contour.

Oxygen Infusion
This facial treatment encourages skin rejuvenation with oxygen molecules. The wand of the device delivers a mix of serums and oxygen deep into the skin, which helps remove wrinkles, restore skin volume, produce more collagen, and create new skin cells. As a result, patients will experience fresher and younger-looking hydrated skin.
Return on Investment
According to our customer's feedback, it usually takes up to 4-5 weeks to return on your investment, if you are an existing business with established clientele. You can expect about 2-2.5 months if you are just starting your business and need to build up your clientele.
Instant visual results
Customer Benefits
Cosmetologist Benefits
after treatments
Safe and effective technologies
and stable income
Fast return on your investment
Saves clients time
each treatment lasts about 15-25 min
Free one-on-one training
with licensed estheticians
12 month warranty
and lifetime client support
without downtime
2-Year Warranty
Free training
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Quality guarantee
We pride ourselves in top-tier quality equipment with 2-year warranty and a lifetime client support
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