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Lymphatic Drainage Machines

Professional Lymphatic Drainage Equipment
Individuals who have edema, lipedema, lymphedema, or any similar condition can opt for a treatment that uses professional lymphatic drainage equipment because it acts as a life-changing option for them.
Lymphatic drainage itself is some sort of massaging technique that activates the lymphatic system, giving it stimulation in order to accelerate the removal of built-up liquid between cells and their catabolic residues, guiding them to the capillary vessels in order for them to be eliminated.
What Is Lymphatic Drainage Equipment?
Lymphatic drainage types of equipment are used to help relieve pain, prevent present diseases from worsening, and help stimulate movements that are fluid. It is also referred to as a machine that contours the body by implementing certain techniques such as skin tightening and lifting, body sculpting, and even cellulite reduction.
It is also said to help better blood circulation and remove toxins inside the body.
What Benefits Your Clients Can Get From Lymphatic Drainage Machines?
Clients will end up gaining more confidence, looking and feeling great. Their face and/or body becomes less saggy and more lifted. It also removes swelling and improves blood circulation. Lymphatic drainage machines can also reduce bloatedness, congestion, pain, and inflammation. Moreover, it is said to boost one’s metabolism.

This is a great treatment to recommend to your clients, especially if they have any swollen areas. However, if the swelling appears after major surgery, remember to get medical approval first before beginning the treatment.

How Do Lymphatic Drainage Machines Work?
The machines release rhythmic pulses with the right amount of pressure (not too hard that it can cause potential damage to the vessels) which allows the lymph fluid to flow easily through the nodes and tissues–to prevent any trapped fluid.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
Lymphatic drainage treatment is popular, especially among beauty bloggers and health enthusiasts. This is due to its potential health benefits which will be discussed further in this article.
From how often one should avail of this treatment, to the aftercare procedure to be followed, and its potential side effects–all the information can be found here so you don’t need to open multiple tabs to gain new information.
What Is Lymphatic Drainage Treatment?
Lymphatic drainage treatment focuses on relieving stress found in your lymphatic system. A clogged lymphatic system can become a breeding ground for illnesses and diseases, so it’s important to take good care of that system.
The treatment involves a gentle massage–whether done manually or with a machine, that inhibits a healthy lymph flow. Many have noticed results after receiving the treatment and it’s also recommended for individuals with certain conditions.
Who Needs Lymphatic Drainage Treatment?
People with the following conditions are highly recommended to undergo lymphatic drainage treatment:
  • Lymphedema
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Edema
  • Lipedema
  • Lymphostatic Fibrosis
  • Phlebolymphedema
It is also recommended for cancer patients to undergo lymphatic drainage treatment.
You can also opt for a lymphatic drainage treatment if you’re experiencing fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems, migraine, and stress.
Does Lymphatic Drainage Really Work?
Lymphatic drainage is a technique–whether done manually or with a machine, that has been offered as a service by clinics and spas to which many of their clients have benefited from. There is this notion that a clogged lymphatic system can be a risk for health problems, however, whereas lymphatic drainage really works, there is not enough scientific evidence to back that claim.
Lymphatic Drainage Results
Many people have claimed to have noticed a difference in the physical appearance of their face–fine lines, wrinkles, and eye bags have been reduced. Since it can also help with indigestion, another result that can be stemmed from lymphatic drainage is the appearance of a less bloated stomach.
How Often to Get Lymphatic Drainage Treatment?
Experts and professionals would highly recommend a habitual routine of getting lymphatic drainage treatment one to two times every three months. Each body is built differently so it’s best to have a direct consultation with your doctor.
What Are The Side Effects Of Lymphatic Drainage? Does it hurt?
Undergoing a lymphatic drainage treatment enables the flow of still lymph, causing you to feel extremely tired or slow after the session. You will also notice less swelling after the procedure.
Ultimately, the side effects of receiving a lymphatic drainage treatment are not life-threatening, but it is still recommended to have an assessment to see if your body is well-equipped for that procedure.
How Many Lymphatic Drainage Treatments are Needed?
Typically, you can treat yourself to 1-2 lymphatic drainage procedures every 3 months. However, this will also differ per person so it’s best to consult with a doctor to achieve the best results possible.
How Long Does It Take To See Results From Lymphatic Drainage?
You will start to see results of the swollen area subsiding within 2 to 3 weeks once the body has completely battled itself from the infection.
In terms of how many sessions are needed to start seeing results, the most common timeframe would be after 1-2 sessions. Do not worry if results take longer because this is a case-to-case basis.
What Is The After-Care For Lymphatic Drainage?
After your lymphatic drainage session, you must do the following to ensure a speedy recovery:
  1. Wear loose-fitted clothing. This is to encourage lymph flow.
  2. Refrain from consuming a lot of caffeinated drinks. This includes coffee, energy drinks, and soda.
  3. Drink a lot of water. Increasing your water intake is needed to flush out the toxins from the procedure–headaches may occur if you do not drink enough water.
  4. Avoid partaking in vices for a few days. This includes cigarettes (if you smoke) and alcohol (if you drink).
  5. Rest and relax. When you give your body time to relax, this allows your blood pressure to return back to normal if it has dropped during the procedure.
How Long Do Lymphatic Drainage Results Last?
Results of the lymphatic drainage would last for up to 6 hours post-treatment. However, there are certain instances (perhaps if done consistently) wherein the results would last for about a month. The longevity of the results may vary depending on the person.
Can You Have Lymphatic Drainage After Botox?
Currently, there are no scientific studies that discourage lymphatic drainage after botox nor how botox will affect lymphatic flow. However, if you are interested in doing this procedure then this is something you should discuss personally with your doctor.
Lymphatic Drainage Benefits
The following are common lymphatic drainage benefits:
  1. Helps with digestion. Lymphatic drainage treatment accelerates lymphatic circulation which helps the body to absorb fat.
  2. Decreases retention in fluids. The gentle movements applied to push the lymph away from the tissues and back into circulation will make it difficult for the liquids and other substances to settle.
  3. Helps boost one’s immune system. The lymphatic system is at the forefront when it comes to our immune system’s defense against unwanted diseases and infections. Receiving a lymphatic drainage treatment can help heal your body heal faster.
  4. Helps with gut health. With the stimulation from the lymphatic drainage treatment, the movement can aid in reducing the risk of cramps and bloatedness.
Lymphatic Drainage Recovery Time
Undergoing a lymphatic drainage treatment can make you feel extremely tired and sluggish after. This is a normal feeling. Recovery time for this procedure can depend on the person but if you follow the proper aftercare treatment then you will recover in no time.
Lymphatic Drainage Pros And Cons
Lymphatic drainage treatment poses a lot of benefits such as reducing bloatedness and improving one’s digestion. It also helps boost the immune system since the stimulated movements help increase circulation. However, this treatment may have some drawbacks as well and will not work for everyone. A person who has diabetes should avoid getting this treatment because it can affect sugar levels. People who have heart diseases are discouraged from getting this treatment too due to the increase in heart rate.
Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Before & After
Many clients who have undergone lymphatic drainage treatment have noticed a significant amount of reduction in swelling. The more frequent you get this treatment, the more consistent and noticeable the results are.
Lymphatic Drainage Cost in the US
This will depend on the state that you’re in, but typically an hour of lymphatic drainage treatment would cost around $100, and if you want to extend your session then you would have to pay more. The price of a single lymphatic drainage treatment can cost up to $250, but generally, this treatment is affordable.
How Long Is Lymphatic Drainage Treatment?
One session of a lymphatic drainage treatment would last between 15-60 minutes max. You can opt for an extension but it would cost extra.
What To Expect After Lymphatic Drainage Treatment?
Studies explain that undergoing a lymphatic drainage treatment would bring forth a notable difference in affected body parts–the swelling would’ve been reduced during the first week of the treatment and it will eventually stabilize throughout the following week.
Are Lymphatic Drainage Results Permanent?
The results you get from receiving a lymphatic drainage treatment are not permanent and will need to be followed up with a consistent treatment in order to prolong the benefits.
What Are The Other Names Of Lymphatic Drainage?
If done manually, it is sometimes referred to as “self massage” or “manual lymphatic drainage.” Even though it is possible to perform this by yourself, you will, however, need to be trained by a specialist in order to reap the same benefits you’d get when you have it done by a professional.

Lymphatic Drainage Alternatives
If you’re still undecided whether or not having a lymphatic drainage treatment is right for you, there are some common alternatives other people choose to do instead of this. Cavitation, vacuum therapy, lipo laser, and cryo slimming are also popular treatments, and they will be compared to lymphatic drainage in this part of the article to help you make a choice on which treatment you should get.
Lymphatic Drainage Vs Cavitation
Clinics would sometimes offer “cavi and lymphatic drainage” sets, these two go hand in hand so that means you would get extreme results immediately. It is the best combination for body contouring and shaping. Cavitation uses low-frequency ultrasonic waves (not stimulating movements like what lymphatic drainage does) to shape the body without causing harm to the lymphatic and nervous systems.
Lymphatic Drainage Vs Vacuum Therapy
Another term for vacuum therapy is “cupping”, which uses suction made possible by placing suction cups on the person’s body in order to treat conditions like arthritis, rheumatism, post-injury trauma, fibromyalgia, and more. It also helps with lifting the skin in a non-invasive way.
Lymphatic Drainage Vs Lipolaser
Lymphatic drainage and lipolaser both are good for improving circulation and digestion, but what is the difference? Lipolaser melts down the fat by using a patented cold laser that penetrates through the skin. The non-invasive treatment does not remove the fat cell but drains it.
Lymphatic Drainage Vs Cryo Slimming
Cryo slimming is a fat reduction treatment that destroys the fat cells using the Cryo Skin machine whereas lymphatic drainage can be done manually or also with a machine. Cryo slimming is not recommended for cancer patients–lymphatic drainage treatment is an alternative that’s encouraged for people with cancer.

Performing Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
When it comes to performing lymphatic drainage treatment, you want to make sure you’re going to a highly-trained professional to do this procedure on you. And if you’re interested in how to perform the treatment yourself, then continue reading.
Who Can Perform Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
The lymphatic drainage treatment can only be administered by massage therapists, physical therapists, estheticians and doctors. The price of the treatment may vary on the specialist you reach out to. Also, remember to check out the reviews and the qualifications of the specialist to ensure you’re receiving the right treatment.
How To Use A Lymphatic Drainage Machine?
Most lymphatic drainage machines come with instruction manuals. Remember to read the guide carefully. You must be trained in order to operate one and to get the best results possible. For the machine to work, ensure that everything is plugged in its respective places before trying it out to avoid any possible breakage.
How To Perform Lymphatic Drainage?
Lymphatic drainage can be done manually by hand or with a machine. When performing by hand, there are two stages–clearing and reabsorption. Clearing is performing gentle movements to create a vacuum that’ll help the area prepare for a flushing effect. The reabsorption stage is also crucial but if you don’t have enough time during the day then at least do the clearing technique.
The same instructions go for the machine, just with some alterations. You may need to double-check your instruction guide for that.
Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Protocol
When performing lymphatic drainage treatment on a client, you must remember the following protocols:
  1. The patient must be lying down comfortably.
  2. The session must begin and end with diaphragmatic breathing.
  3. It’s crucial to treat the unaffected parts of the body first.
  4. Use gentle pressure throughout the session.
  5. Slow and rhythmic movements are vital in order to flush out the toxins.
Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Steps
There are two main steps you need to remember, clearing and reabsorption. For clearing, you will need to clear the supraclavicular area, the axillary area, and the inner-elbow area respectively. For the reabsorption stage, you start by applying the massage to the affected body part that’s farthest away from the body’s core. Then, proceed to apply gentle, circular motions. Experts recommend spending at least 20 minutes when performing a manual lymphatic drainage treatment.
How Long To Wait Between Lymphatic Drainage Treatments?
In order to see the best results, it’s best to wait 2-3 weeks after your first session. Some suggest that doing it on a weekly basis is fine, but that will depend on your overall health. It’s best to consult your doctor or a specialist to determine the recommended frequency for lymphatic drainage treatment.
Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Areas
This treatment can be applied to the face, neck, body, stomach, and other areas that have swelling.
Lymphatic Drainage Treatment For Cellulite
Lymphatic drainage treatment can be used to treat cellulite since it targets the movement of lymph towards the lymph nodes. The nodes then filter out the lymph to eradicate any toxins. When done regularly, this non-invasive treatment is proven to remove cellulite.
Lymphatic Drainage Treatment For Fibromyalgia
Patients who have the condition of fibromyalgia are often recommended to undergo lymphatic drainage treatment. Several studies have shown that this procedure has improved one’s sleep and significantly reduced pain and stiffness.
Lymphatic Drainage Treatment For Chronic Venous Insufficiency
For people with chronic venous insufficiency, lymphatic drainage treatment is a common recommendation. Studies have shown that lymphatic drainage treatment has significantly reduced the severity of the disease, as well as the swelling on the foot and lower limb of patients–improving the quality of life.
Lymphatic Drainage Treatment For Lymphedema
Lymphedema is present when there’s an unusual buildup of fluid in specific areas of the body. This can be eradicated or reduced in a non-invasive way through the help of lymphatic drainage treatment.
Lymphatic Drainage Treatment For Cancer
Performing lymphatic drainage treatment can be beneficial for cancer patients–especially those with metastatic breast cancer. It is considered safe by experts, to help decrease any swelling in the area.
Lymphatic drainage treatment, however, should not be considered the only option when treating cancer.
Lymphatic Drainage Machine Maintenance
Depending on your machine, it’s important to read the instruction guide it comes with. Make sure that the machine is also thoroughly cleaned before and after it is used to pass hygiene standards. The equipment must be stored away in a safe, spacious area where there’s little to no risk of it being damaged.
Lymphatic Drainage Consumables/Expenses
Lymphatic drainage machines come with suctions that will need to be replaced in time. Essential oils, fat-melting solutions, or other kinds of serums may also be applied during the session for better results. Keep note of the consumables you may need and purchase them before they completely run out so that customers will not experience an incomplete treatment.
Lymphatic Drainage Training
Training for lymphatic drainage can be accomplished in person or virtually. The training is commonly divided into three categories–theory, application, and practice. This would vary depending on which school you would choose to enroll in. All finished training courses would result in certification in the end after the final practical exam. Lymphatic draining training would typically take more or less 9 days and each class would be 45 minutes or an hour long.
Lymphatic Drainage Consent Form
Before performing the treatment, it’s required to give out a consent form to the client to ensure that they have given consent to the specialist treating them and are well aware of the procedure, including the side effects they can potentially experience after the treatment.
Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage Machine For Your Spa Business
Including a lymphatic drainage machine for your spa business would bring in more clients. And especially if lymphatic drainage treatments are not common in your area (or are just being done manually), a machine would make the treatment process go smoother.
Treatments You Can Perform With Lymphatic Drainage Machine
You can perform non-invasive treatments like body contouring, body slimming, and face tightening/lifting. Lymphatic drainage machines can also help improve one’s digestion and overall gut health.
Instagram Hashtags for Lymphatic Drainage Procedure
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Combine Lymphatic Drainage with Other Technologies:
Lymphatic drainage treatment is versatile and can be combined with other treatments without any issue. Consult an expert for more information about what other procedures can be used in conjunction with lymphatic drainage treatment.
Lymphatic Drainage With Ultrasonic Cavitation
Ultrasonic Cavitation uses radio waves to break down the fat. This non-invasive treatment is a popular way of reducing fat. Combining this with the lymphatic drainage treatment speeds the results accelerates the recovery time.
Lymphatic Drainage With Lipo Laser
These two treatments can go hand in hand to maximize the results. Lipo laser uses laser energy to destroy fat cells. Lymphatic drainage treatment is good after any kind of lipo procedure since it accelerates the reduction of swelling for even results.