I wanna verb your noun!

Hey, get your mind out of the gutter. I wanna kiss your cheek!

Reprinting this old favorite at the request of a friend. I'll soon be pressing this same innocent (naughty?) sentiment in another typeface. Perhaps even a few new colors!

Blank on the inside. 24pt Franklin Gothic, on Crane's Lettra Flourescent White (110lb).

made with love

These notebooks were a custom order for my second cousins. Hand set in 24pt Franklin Gothic, with a 36pt owl debossed on the cover. Each notebook has full names (first, middle, last) pressed on the inside cover.

get in the game!

Pickleball is serious sport. It can be brutal. And, you need a strategy. Use this handy notebook to record your best plays, deft moves and crushed opponents. Get your head in the game & get out there!

  • One notebook with 40 blank, medium-weight pages (20 sheets)
  • Cover made from French Paper Company's 'Madero Beach' 140#cover stock
  • Title hand-set and hand-pressed in victory blue ink Franklin Gothic 24pt, with a vintage trophy cut pressed in gold ink
  • Saddle stitched by hand using waxed cotton cord
  • Measures approximately 3.5 x 5 inches closed
  • All materials Made in the USA