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business cards

➽ Business cards without all the clutter. Printed on 100% cotton, 220lb Crane's Lettra® paper. Durable, with a distinct finish you won't find through bulk printing shops.

Note: phone number in this photograph has been purposely obscured. Hey, I don't give out my cell phone number to just anyone ­­– I'm not that easy. Don't fret, though. If you want to contact me, I'm here.

monogram note cards

➽ Monogram note cards have been around for quite some time. Why? Because they are simple, elegant and classy. Send a handwritten note to a friend or an acquaintance on one of these and they'll think you're classy, too. He or she may not notice the understated elegance of the 48pt Goudy Hand Tooled type, but your smug satisfaction will be worth every penny.