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➽ These 4Bar sized cards are perfect for a quick 'Thank You' note. Heck, you could even mail them in a matching kraft envelope. You know what kraft is, right? It's just like the brown paper bag material – the one you'd find at your local grocer. Made of 100% recycled paper. Handsome. Durable. Efficient. Made in America.


➽ A simple way to say "thanks a million" — although a 'Thanks' to the millionth power would be more than a googol. But, you get the idea.

Printed on A2 size notecards (5½ inches x 4¼ inches). 118lb, 100% cotton paper with matching envelope.

Send this one to a friend and be 100% effective in expressing your gratitude.

Futura lettering with a Clarendon font number scheme. Available in a variety of ink colors.