#1 and #2: only $6 shipped. 
#3 and #4: only $7 shipped.


  • #1 does not have the "OK Nerd" printed in the corner, and #2 has a small smudge near the cover title.
  • All prices good for shipping within the USA (USPS package rate with tracking number)
  • All notebooks contain ruled paper. 
DM on Instagram or email me which one you would like (#1, #2, #3, or #4). I will email you with Venmo or PayPal info. 

shop status

The holiday are now over, and some of us are now participating in DryJanuary and tidying up with the Kondo method. Whatever makes you happy. 

It’s good to have goals and challenges. But, I don’t make resolutions. I prefer to think of them as intentions. Maybe just low-key executions. 

One personal intention is printing more of what makes me happy. Another is decluttering my digital life. To that end, I will be offering some prints for sale through my personal Instagram account. 


I feel like I owe an apology to all the kind people who have inquired about purchasing prints. I’ll be honest—I’ve been lagging. 

These last three months, my “real job” has kept me far busier than I had anticipated. And, to be blunt, creating a new point-of-sale website has not been a priority. Hey, I need access to healthcare and a meager retirement plan...I’m not proud. 

So, to all those who have DM’d, emailed, texted, and called I offer my apologies. I’m humbled that people still want to purchase my prints. It means a lot  

Upside: I’ll have some time in early November (just a few short days away!) to get it going. And, I’ve been cranking out prints on weekends...I’m stockpiling all kinds of good stuff to list.