People say a lot of things. Some of the things they say are hilarious. Some tragic. Some vulgar. 

Here's a notebook for you to record the things people say...with or without context.

Details: 24 leafs/48 pages, saddle-stitched, durable chipboard cover, 3½" x 5", title pressed in 24pt & 18pt Kabel™

bucket list notebook

With this old school pocket notebook, you can itemize, prioritize and categorize the with ease.* Get on that. 

It's a DIY delight. Make bulleted lists. Make numbered lists. Knock yourself out.

*hint: the goal is to check off all items prior to departure

- 32 pages/16 leafs of list-making nirvana
- letterpress cover title hand-set & hand-pressed in 18pt Lydian
- your results may vary

Good stuff? Not-so-good stuff? You really need to track that stuff.  So, I made a slightly different version...because life isn't always unicorns, puppy dogs, sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes you need to track stuff that sucks, too.

- 32 pages/16 leafs of list-making nirvana
- letterpress cover hand-set & hand-pressed in 12pt Rivoli
- again, your results may vary

NSFW notebooks

The title of this notebook title was suggested by a friend. And, I really like it. I like it for a few reasons:

  • it's simple
  • it's intriguing
  • it's humorous

I like it so much, I'm thinking about printing it in different colors (below). Why? Because, let's be honest, we all have some thoughts are best left out of the workplace. Sure, you could create a fancy, digital diary but nothing beats putting pen/pencil to paper.

This notebook never needs recharging, and the files won't get corrupted. Your mind is already corrupted...just start writing it down. Who knows? Upon completing your first notebook, you might gain some stirring insights. Perhaps you'll realize what's right and what's wrong with you...and learn how to monetize it! 

12 awesome, analog colors available:

  • black
  • white
  • brown
  • red
  • orange
  • green
  • cyan
  • navy
  • purple
  • magenta
  • gold
  • kraft

Which one is your favorite? Contact me if you're interested in a particular color.

※ title hand-set and hand-pressed with 24pt Franklin Gothic type

※ 36 ruled/lined, heavy-weight pages

※ just $4.50 each + $1.50 shipping.

ps—okay...I promise that I'm done with my bulleted lists for now. Stay tuned for new notebooks...with DIY lists!